Discovery as a Service

Search transcended. For the AI age!

Connect your data to generative AI with ease

Harness the power of AI to elevate your customer experience and conversion rate. Available through a simple API that allows you to move from concept to experience to production in hours, and scales to support any data size.

Amaze your customers with hybrid search for any use case

Everything you expect from a search platform – accurate keyword matches, powerful boolean filtering, amazing precision and recall, all delivered in milliseconds – AND intuitive, surprising results from natural language queries. All with the flexibility you need to deliver the right combination of speed, accuracy and cost for your business.

Bring the future of AI-powered discovery to market today

Amp your customer experience with discovery functionality based on semantic interpretation of your data instead of legacy collaborative filtering approaches. Use the power of AI to quickly bring to market and scale upper funnel discovery experiences that improve engagement and conversion.

AI to production within hours

Stop testing AI and start benefiting from AI. Vantage Discovery works out of the box.



You upload your data or product catalog. You select the LLM that will empower your data.


Integrate Vantage API

Your search and discovery interfaces integrate easily with the simple Vantage API.


Deliver delightful experiences

With the power of AI interpreting your data, you can effortlessly bring new search and discovery experiences to your customers.

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